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Look out for these common signs of brake failure

Your brakes will give you obvious warning signs that they’re coming to the end of their life. If you notice your car veering to one side under braking, a squeaking noise when you press the brakes, you can press the pedal all the way to the floor or you’ve lost confidence in your braking ability, it’s time to book a brake check with Auto Express Services in Sutton. Failing to do so could lead to a serious accident or brake failure - and that’s the last thing we want.

Take the stress and fear out of using your brakes with Auto Express Services

As part of our customer charter, we always focus on your safety alongside providing a reliable, affordable repair. Those family values are at the heart of everything we do during your brake check. We’ll always complete a detailed brake inspection just in case there’s more than one problem with the system, and then set about repairing or replacing parts to the highest possible standards. For your peace of mind, we only use genuine or OE equivalent parts, and offer a 12-month warranty as standard. If that’s the kind of care and attention you feel your car deserves, book an appointment with us today.

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Choose a garage that cares for everyone in the community

Our long-term customers know that we’re 100% focused on them, both in terms of customer service and getting you back on the roads safely. We care deeply about the community we serve and always go the extra mile to fix problems. No matter who you are or what you drive, book an appointment if you have concerns about your brakes. The last thing we want is to leave an unsafe vehicle on Sutton’s roads, especially if we know we could fix it. So, if you recognise any of the warning signs of brake failure, we urge you to book a brake check with Auto Express Services today.

Book your brake check online!

Naturally, we care about saving you time as much as saving you money and giving you great quality work. That’s why our online booking tool is so quick and easy to use. Just enter your registration number, a few details about your brake problem and when you’re looking to book a brake check, anytime, wherever you are. After that, our friendly team will be in touch to confirm your appointment and sort out all the other details. Most importantly, you never pay a penny until after we’ve completed all the work. Can your current garage guarantee all that?

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